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Dengue in Leyte!

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I take it that the dengue vaccine isn’t working out so well. I know you have to have contracted dengue at least once before you would be given the vaccine. Well anyways, that’s too bad, I hope they get something figured out.

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This dengue fever outbreak is really intensifying and it's hardly localized.

Soup mentioned Leyte is in calamity mode. Fatalities in Davao. Palawan, Bicol, Iloilo, etc. Western Visayas particularly hard hit. Province of Isabela has actually closed their government tomorrow for a massive clean-up effort. Schools closures in Zamboanga. Metro Cebu has serious problems in thirteen barangays.




They say it peaks every three to four years. Appears this is one of those years (last outbreak was 2016).The news is even making appearances through the international (western) news media.

Be safe out there folks (and clean up your yard!). One thing to note is early identification by simple blood test is essential; know the symptoms and don't procrastinate getting to a hospital or health center. This is especially important if dealing with young kids (5 to 9) and the elderly.

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A couple relatives have recently caught it.

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