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Mr. J E Pierce
On ‎7‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 5:04 PM, Paddy said:

Here’s another one:

I like hot water in the shower and to shave so we have water heaters in the CRs and kitchen. 

The local plumbers may not understand that a toilet does not need to be supplied with hot water!😄 There does not seem to be the concept of hot and cold systems - just cold - and since Sir wants a heater, the cold feed will go first to the heater and then everywhere else!

I am going to assume that you will have more professional crews but ask them a few questions from time to time!

LOL, Believe it or not I was on a project for the US Military were the US Plumbers ran the hot water piping to the urinal's.. Sometimes...SHit happens ( all pun intended)

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Mr. J E Pierce said:

Sometimes...SHit happens

If you are not on the job site whenever there is construction, shit will happen all of the time. The most common methods of construction in the Philippines are exactly the same as those used in Haiti (where most structures collapsed during their earthquake). Concrete seldom has enough cement in it but has enough water to allow the workers to pour it, the sand used here is NOT the angular silica sand that would be acceptable in any western country, and the gravel used is typically just small round gravel with no structural integrity. Concrete hollow blocks have so little cement in them that they shatter if you drop them. 

The cheapest methods and materials are always chosen here, which is why structures start requiring maintenance as soon as they are finished. Contractors (including relatives) will take every shortcut and savings known to man to try to increase their profits. I was on-site the entire time my home was renovated, but even then I had to have the contractor tear out things to have them built right. They will try to slip shoddy workmanship past you even if you are there. How much more if you aren't? The philosophy is that once a cement (term used loosely) grout skim-coat is applied to the surface, all of their mistakes will be hidden.

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