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Western Visayas the most disaster resilient region

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The Western Visayas was the most disaster resilient among all Philippine regions, according to the 2017 Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) Program on Resilient Communities survey.

Surveying 4,368 respondents all over the country, the study measured resilience, which it defined as "a measure of a society’s ability to withstand shocks and recover from these shocks in a timely manner, leaving the society better prepared for future shocks."

Next to the Western Visayas, the most disaster resilient regions were the Ilocos, Eastern Visayas, Mimaropa, Bicol, Caraga, Cagayan Valley, and Davao.

On the other hand, the Zamboanga Peninsula Region was ranked the least resilient, followed by the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), and the Central Visayas.

The study also found that the regions that had received the most assistance after a disaster were also the most resilient.

The Eastern Visayas, a region severely hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, 92 percent of residents said they received post-disaster assistance.

In the Western Visayas 88 percent of the population said they received post-disaster relief. This was followed by the Bicol Region at 87 percent, the Ilocos at 83 percent, and Caraga at 75 percent.

Meanwhile, only 26 percent of Zamboanga Peninsula's residents said they received post-disaster assistance, while only 37 percent of the ARMM's residents received relief.

Nationwide, according to HHI, 63 percent of the country's population said they received assistance following a disaster.




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15 hours ago, Dafey said:

The study also found that the regions that had received the most assistance after a disaster were also the most resilient.

No kidding!

I would have thought that the most resilient areas were those that a) suffered shocks and b) recovered from them without assistance!

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