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Can a Foreigner Own a Business in the Philippines

Jack Rat

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Jack Rat

Maybe someone can help me here. Can a foreigner actually own a business in the Philippines without forking out a couple of hundred thousand dollars? Can a foreigner legally work here? What is the current law ? 

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Owning a business does require some significant hoops to jump through.  From what I understand, Filipino partnership is nearly always required with some exceptions for certain types of businesses.  I have a bakery, but have no direct involvement in the ownership.  

As far as costs, that would depend upon what sort of business you want to own.  A bakery is definitely not hundreds of thousands pesos or dollars.

Working here is possible, but can be complicated by the need to get permission to work.  If there is a Filipino that can do the work, then it may be hard to get approval.  

Cant work while on a tourist visa. 

Lots of info with a google search if you’re interested. 

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Semper paratus

You would want to double check, bit if you are a 13A holder you can work. At least that is what I recall from long ago. 

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