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Sushi Bar & No Sapporo! Off With Their Heads!

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Seriously, a sushi bar and no Sapporo? That is not right. Yes, I know we are in the Philippines, but come on - only offering  5 types of San Miguel.

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7 hours ago, nothingbutquestions said:

5 types of San Miguel.

Actually San Mig Super Dry pairs very nicely with Japanese food. Give it a whirl.



Oh, and there are thousands upon thousands of sushi joints in Japan that don't serve Sapporo.

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Never been to Japan, thanks for the tip.

I am from the US; never been to a Sushi restaurant that did not have Sapporo. 

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Never been to Japan, never been inside a Japanese Restaurant (sushi or otherwise) and never had a Japanese beer. But I have heard of Sapporo. Perhaps that’s because they did a very good promotional campaign in N America a while back...

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Worked for 2 Japanese companies for a total of 12 years - and have an Aussie cousin married and living in Yokohama - so have done dozens of trips to Japan.

It's a little regional, but the main beers are Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo.   Sapporo in the north mostly - the name is also known around the world because that's the name of the capital city of that island (Hokkaido) and the winter Olympics were held there a few decades ago.

Asahi is the largest and  probably has the widest marketing domestically and in Asia and Australia. They are a huge conglomeration - making beers, mints, chips, candies, baby food, instant noodles, sport drinks etc

I prefer the Asahi Super Dry to Sapporo - a dry versus "hoppy" beer.  My favourite there when you can find it is Asahi Black.   It's a smooth, dark, smokey drop (similar to a Tooheys Old for the Aussies) - not as strong as a stout - but damn tasty.  Asahi Super Dry is at least in Rustans etc here at a decent price.

In summer, Asahi sometimes offers "Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold" in select bars in Tokyo, Yokohama etc.  It uses some special cooling/icing gear on the taps and lines at the bar - so comes out at -2 degrees celcius.   It sounds like a marketing gimmick - but on a hot humid day in Japan - it sure hits the spot.

Hmmmm I feel like a cold beer and Okonomiyaki now - I just wish Cebu had a Japanese resto that does a decent version - hopefully Botejyu will spread a little wider than Manila and open up here one day soon :)

And like BossHog said,  San Mig Super Dry goes well too (if I can't find an Asahi ;) )

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