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2 hours ago, Kreole said:

If you are going to pour concrete on a small island, then of course you will need to be well prepared ahead, with all of your materials and a big crew under excellent supervision, working in shifts.

We did an 8 cubic metre pour on one occasion , mixed by hand (because the mixer broke down) in a day ... lots of reasonable volume pours done in the PI all mixed by hand the labour is cheaper than the pump and the premix ... send in the ants , arms and legs everywhere sweating and grunting all with a smile because their family is going to eat well that evening......

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It is probably more structurally sound than that house....

It's always amazed me why they don't make decent blocks (with actual correct mix ratio) then lay them CORRECTLY on a PROPER foundation, the same as they seem to be able to do in the rest of the world!

The Notre Dame renovation coming on nicely, it seems.Must have hired some OFWs.

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