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Justin Bieber just challenged Tom Cruise to a fight


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9 hours ago, rfm010 said:

Let me get this straight.  You are tom cruise.  Given a choice you'd prefer the bieb to hang around around with you for a week rather than smack him upside the head a few times and be done with him?    Sounds like a closet bieber fan has been outed!

I will maker it even more straighter... the bieb needs the publicity and the money... the Tom does not. Why should the Tom fall for this game and concede to the bieb? By not giving any thought to the bieb at all, the Tom is saying.... you are already a loser and I already won by not playing your game. The Tom is letting the public know that he does things on his terms and does not let others dictate what he does or will do.

Does this make it straighter for you? I hope so. Sounds like you are the closet bieber fan.

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i would prefer to see greg brady fight danny bonabuce 

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