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Something is really wrong with the thinking or lack thereof

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1 hour ago, to_dave007 said:

IMHO you assumed an obligation to support your wife's parents in their old age when you married a Filipina.  You knew that PI had a very weak SS system years ago..  Sure..  if your wife works, I would expect that support to come from her.  But if she does not, it comes from you, or the old guy doesn't get his $13.88.  Tough luck..  That's just a small part of the price of marrying into a Filipino family, and you know it.

You're assuming an assumption

Care to site a link that states that a foreign agrees to follow all Philippine laws that pertain only to Filipinos when they get married?

1 hour ago, to_dave007 said:

Just drama..  No-one is assuming anyone is RICH.   The amount in question is $13.88 a month.  Don't make it bigger than it is.

And if she lives in Oz..  she can pick up pop bottles to get $13.88 a month.

She's still a Philippines citizen until Tony tells us that she renounced her PI citizenship and gave up her passport.  Citizenship has it's costs.

Under PI law..  an adult child is obligated to support a parent.  Are you suggesting that this law is inappropriate?  or that daughter can run from that obligation by emigrating?

You guys are forgetting that pensions..  whether in Australia or USA or Canada or PI are relatively RECENT changes.  It's barely 100 years ago that there no pensions available, even in the first world.  Families have been expected to support the elderly for thousands of years.  And in the PI.. families are STILL expected to support the elderly.  That's the law.  

RIIIIGHT  - no Filipino ever assumes all foreigners are rich - Kano Price is a myth - one of the reasons we don't walk together  when shopping in Carbon - P50 a Kg for her is P100 to 125 for me

Forced labor and coercion with the threat of retribution against a relative is is OK ? Pay or else?

You're correct the money is minimal to most of us and most of us do provide some form of assistance to the family according to our abilities..

No one is forgetting   pensions  - however much we may disagree with Social Security

As for the care of the elderly - you seem to be forgetting that for those thousands of years most economic structures were agrarian or nomadic and centered on the fact that  everyone from very young to very old, even in  mercantile ones  had to contribute to insure survival. There was no retirement - most worked at something till they died.


If indeed the law indicates any revenue generating action  - walking the streets, picking up bottles - is demanded I will admit my error in reasoning.

It appears from this article - as with many laws here - ambiguity rather than clarity is the rule of the day and that ANY blood relative (mother, father, brother, sisters, children, etc.) can demand support from any other member - not just parents to children

Spouses are beholding only to each other

The article also refers to this section of the law which defines the procedure of bringing a lawsuit to have a law enforced.


Atty. La Vina's interpretation would preclude picking up bottles





For Atty. La Viña, the law is essentially triggered by need and means. The one demanding for said support must need the support and the other party must have the means to give support after it has already allocated support to his other dependents who are higher on the list.

 When I asked how easily can this law be used by parents, siblings, other family members, and what protection does a citizen have from claimants who are just lazy to earn a living, Atty. Bundang referred me to the Rules of Court Rule No. 61 Support Pendente Lite.

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