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Leather Shoes - Getting Hard


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I have a really nice pair of shoes that I hardly ever wear.

When I put them on the other day I noticed that the leather had become really hard....

According to the web I can rub coconut oil in and that should help.

Does anyone have any other solutions?


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Semper paratus

I have been here 9 years and all the leather shoes I brought with me are still like new. Two pair of shoes made by SAS in Texas U.S.A. amd another pair made by Double H of the U.S.A., quality products to begin with.  I use a product called Mink Oil for Leather.  I found it at Handyman Hardware in Dumaguete at the Robinson's Mall several years ago. It works great on all leather goods. Or if you can find Neatsfoot oil it is also superb.


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Sitting with a group of people and a young lady said she was feeling so old.  One older guy asked how old she was and she replied 30.  He said crap I have shoes in my closet older than that, we all had a good chuckle and it dawned on me so do I!

My Frey boots are now over 40 years old.  Not worn much and do not seem hard but I did have a mold problem with them one time and cannot remember how I solved it? 

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