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Some General Housekeeping

Salty Dog

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Salty Dog

I just wanted to go over a few items here that have been noticed by the staff recently. Some of this has been covered before, but it doesn't hurt to bring them up now and then.


Thread Titles & Clickbaiting 

There are numerous definitions for clickbaiting. In the forum's context, we'll just call it a thread title that is deceptive, or gives no idea as to the topic of the thread.

Regardless if it's your intention or if you're just unaware you're doing it, please insure your thread title conveys the topic of the thread. 

It's fairly easy when posting from an online article or a YouTube video. Using the title of the article/video or at least part of the title, will usually be enough to convey the topic of the thread.

The thread title should give some idea as to what the threads topic is.

Titles like "Neat Video", "You won't believe this", "Here we go again", "Guess what I did yesterday" and so on, in no way convey what the topic of the thread is about.

If you're going to the trouble to create a thread to ask a question, post more than a word or two followed by either !!!!! or ?????. Give members an idea of what your question pertains to.

While on the subject of thread titles, they should not contain an emoji and should not be in all caps.



Just because an article is from an online news sites, that doesn't mean it should be posted in one of the News forums.  You will notice above, that the words Significant and News of major significance are highlighted. 

Think about if the news article has some significance or would be something others would really like to know about. 

An expat in the news always seems to create interest and usually rightfully so. However a Filipino doing the same thing may not be of much interest. For example: There are thousands of murders a year in the Philippines. Do you think each of them should have a thread on LinC?

When posting a new thread in the News, Headlines & World Events Forums, please make an appropriate title. Usually you can't go wrong using the title of the article your posting, unless maybe it's too long or has spelling errors. In which case you can truncate the title and correct any spelling errors.


Posting Etiquette

Please don't post in all bold.

Please don't post in all color other than black text.

Save the use of bold/colored text for titles or emphasis.

If the OP is asking a question, you don't need to quote the post to answer it. The subject of your posted response should be obvious.

If you are quoting just one part of a post, you don't need to quote the entire post. If you don't know how to do a selective quote. You can just quote the entire post and then delete the parts your not refering to.

I assume most of you are familiar with the reputation (Likes) system. Please use this system if you want to thank someone or convey a like, Haha (LOL), Sad or Confused for their post. There is no need to create another post just to say thanks, lol, hahaha and so on. The occasional post with an Emoji or such is okay, but some members regularly create one word posts just to say thanks or LOL. 

Stop being a smartass. I'll be the first to admit that I often post a humorous comeback in response to a post. Most of the time they are received as just that though. However, some members seem to revel in being a smartass or sarcastic in their response to posts on the open forums. Sometimes the post is overlooked, but often it starts a chain of events (posts) that never turn out well for the thread in question and some of the members involved. Everything doesn't have to be a confrontation. Let's try to keep such interchanges to a minimum. Maybe we all need to read the following thread on Forum Etiquette. 



You Can't Please Everyone

You would be surprised at some of the complaints the owner receives from members. Even threats of legal action by some banned members. Every complaint is looked into and most of the time can be corrected.

Some members have complained that the forum has too many Americans and/or members who don't live in the Philippines. Others feel their free speech is being stifled. 

Diversity isn't a stated goal of the forum, nor is placid conformity. The forum has never been a place where free speech is paramount. The forum owner pays the bills and he makes the rules. Current management is much more tolerant than when Paul was in charge. Rarely are members warned and even less often banned. 



Forum Rules

The Forum Rules were redone not too long ago. Please read them if you haven't done so recently.



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