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Split Type Aircon installation in Cebu-City - compared

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Just had my 3rd Split type installed yesterday and that way I now can compare 2 Business Installations and one private guys.

My 1st Split was 1.5HP from SM City and the basic installation was at 6500php (10ft copper and such).
I needed additional copper and that way it was bit more expensive, but the company doing it was the one recommended by SM (cant find the invoice just now after moving, but I can update it a later date too)
2 Guys came out to install and finished within 4 hours. They had to make holes trhu 3 walls for the piping in that time too.
All went smooth and installation was as it should be.

After I moved to another townhouse I had 2 Split type to uninstall and reinstall - and as the cousin of my gf works as aircon mechanic in one of the bigger hotel here I decided to let him do the job - so half of the money stays in the family.
He and his colleague had to uninstall 2 split type (2.5HP and 1.5HP) and reinstall them. As I used the opening from the window type for one of them in the new house they only had to go thru 1 wall for the other piping. They reused the piping I already had. I paid them 11k for that job plus about 3000 for brackets, liquid and other things.
They did the job on 2 sundays and it all went smooth and they do know their business.

Then yesterday I had my new 1HP split type installed that I bought with Abenson in Ayala. It was the best deal I got and Abensons contract company only charges 4500php for basic installation. But truth strikes again - you buy cheap you get cheap.
Yesterday 5 guys arrived - 1 foreman and 4 workers. One of the four was just a kid and only helping a bit, but even that wasn't his business.
In real only 2 of the guys knew what they were doing, the other 2 just wasted time..., luckily I was watching over the install, that way I could stop them putting BOTH pipings into just one insulation foam ! I told them to insulate each pipe seperatly what they then did - but if I hadnt been there ... For me that was a huge negative as they seem not to know anything about what happens in those pipes.  
They didnt have to drill a hole thru the wall as they culd use the windowtype opening - but they also needed 4 hours to finish the job (vompare to the 2 guys from SM).
Ok the Aircon is running smoothly now so I cant complain.
But after finished the child guy tried to put the Hilti Drill back to its box, just stuffing it in with the cables and then literally 5 Minutes tried to close the hatches - which wasnt possible because of a cable hanging out - so instead of checking whats wrong he showed typical philippino braindead bev´havior - focussed to get the hatch clothed the used force for 5 minutes but didnt get it closed - then j´he just stopped that and went away leaving it half open.
Later his "knowing" colleague did the packing, but it showed me that these guys really dont care much.
That company was "GAB Appliance Service Center" from Consolacion, Cebu - and from their work yesterday I won't recommend them.

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1 hour ago, Goetz1965 said:

recommended by SM (cant find the invoice just now after moving, 

We were quite happy with the crew used by SM. They also handled the warranty when our unit had an intermittent fault. They look a bit rough and ready when they turn up but can't fault their work. 

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I did DIY  mini split installs in the US. I used about $800 worth of tools, some of which I already had.  This is for the refrigeration tools only, no construction type tools.

Are they using R410a refrigerent here?

I would like to see an actual install here and the tools used.




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