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On ‎5‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 10:42 PM, jimmyzr1 said:

Even when we went from Talamban to Mactan airport on Sunday, I think grab wanted p288 and our total was p190 from the taxi when we arrived.

Same thing in Manila from Terminal 3.  I was there in October and jus a few weeks ago. My hotel was basically spitting distance across the street from the US Embassy on Roxas Blvd.  I was paying on average 180 peso from airport using metered taxis, I took this trip about 6 times, everytime I took grab the other way I was paying around 329 pesos.


I never took a grab from airport to hotel to compare rates

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Grab is behaving slightly reminiscent of Uber toward the end. The degree of difficulty to get a ride is occasionally becoming more trouble then other forms of transportation. 

I had a choice of P358 by Grab or take my chances with the 1980 era traditional Taxi. A regular Taxi does not surge. My fare was P190 and I tipped P30 on top. 

I don’t mind paying P80 for a short Grab ride. Problem is I sometimes spend fifteen minutes unsuccessfully trying to get a Grab. At that point Jeepney beats Grab.

They took away large incentives to the drivers: P4000 bonus for X amount of rides and maintaining low cancellation rates. Large incentives gone= less reliability. 

I took hundreds of Grab rides and like them a lot. Still my first choice but it is doing what restaurants do that are excellent here- standard drops off over time?

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I still find grab to often be less expensive than taxis. Maybe it's because I travel the business area and traffic can grind to a halt at certain times. I don't pay any extra in grab, but do when sitting there in a taxi.

Not sure how it all works, but since I have platinum status with grab, finding a ride isn't too difficult. Some drivers have mentioned, something along the lines that, the system compels them to take my fare, not sure if that is accurate.

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