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GetGO - Cebu Pacific announcement

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We would like to let you know that recently there was an unauthorized access to a GetGo application server which has now been secured. For your assurance, credit card information was not stored  on that server. 
As we continue to investigate this incident, we have secured and locked your account with your points. In the meantime, all GetGo online channels will be unavailable. As an additional precaution, log-in using GetGo credentials to the Cebu Pacific website and mobile app are also temporarily disabled. We will make these channels available at the soonest possible time.
The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. To help us manage it well, please do not open or click links on suspicious emails. Legitimate Cebu Pacific and GetGo promotions are communicated through the official social media accounts of Cebu Pacific and GetGo. These pages are verified by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Look for the blue check mark).
During this time, we will not ask for any personal information or to click any link via email. For any concerns regarding your account, please visit our Help Center.
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
Thank you.

Your GetGo Team


Received this the other day.


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year got the same it did really concern me i dont have ahy credit cards i think the are covering there ass

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No online check-in now...

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Passwords may have been compromised as often happens with a security breach, lucky i changed mine just a few weeks ago to a Cebu unique one, anyone using the same email and password combo on other sites beware.

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