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Anyone have success or failure using EMS?  I bought an item on AliExpress and they sent it EMS because DHL said I live in a remote area and that means they'd charge an extra $42.  Google Maps has us as 11KMs from PMall where there's a DHL office.  Anyway, I've been checking the tracking but getting nothing until this morning where there's a failed delivery attempt.  I now find EMS is like the express mail arm of PhilPost but the post office here knows where I live and the address on the package is correct along with my cell number.  But no attempts at contact.  Tried calling the customer service numbers on the EMS page but no answer or disconnected.  I sent an email but nothing there yet either.  

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EMS is a Philpost service, but it might not be handled by your everyday courier. It might also skip your nearest post office. Only one way to know for sure: head to the post office. This is what I do.

1. Start with a Google search for "Global Track and Trace". As of this writing, that points here: http://globaltracktrace.ptc.post/gtt.web/
2. Type the tracking number that you have into this field. You will see the origin country's two letter abbreviation in this tracking number, most likely at the end.
3. If you get results, print these out and take them with you to the post office along with a photocopy of your ID and a printout of your order info showing the price.
4. If you don't get results on this page your post office will have trouble finding the package.

When you get to your post office the manual search begins. They'll page through a log book in search of your package. Having the date from the tracking info your printed in step 3 will help them with this. If all goes well, they'll go to the back room and come out with your package. They'll then calculate the duties, taxes, and fees due. If the item is priced under P10,000 (as of today's writing in 2019) there won't be any duties and taxes due but a small fee might be added for the processing. This is normal and you'll get a receipt.

The instructions here are for Metro Manila but I expect them to be similar nationwide. The post office people are friendly and don't expect much. Be friendly back if you plan on having lots of incoming shipments. That'll go a long way. You might even consider asking for a mobile number for future use to save you a trip once you find the desk handling your EMS shipment.


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Well, the PO didn't know anything about and said it was probably in Mandaue but they'd txt if it came there.  Now the tracking says it's at the PO but doesn't say which one.

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