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Can US Consulate Process Paperwork for W7 and ITIN Applications

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4 hours ago, SkyMan said:

For a spouse?  And an emailed scan of her pp?  That is illegal but whatever works.

Oh yeah. You are correct. Her passport was sent to and fro. I forgot about that small extra work. The acceptance office seemed more complicated and expensive at the time.

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No, and the Embassy can't either.  You can mail it in yourself though.  Easiest way is to mail in the W-7 with a return and your wife's passport (and the child's) to the IRS ITIN processing Center.  T

The good news is that the IRS allows for amended tax returns to be filed later. i had a similar situation where the SOLGEN appealed the regional court adoption decision.  Long story, short versio

So, is it final (again) or not?  If so, I wouldn't bother with the ITIN but would work on getting them US citz/passport/SS#.  With the SS# you can amend previous years returns as Jawny suggested.  Per

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