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On 2/16/2018 at 12:11 AM, JohnSurrey said:

Been following your posts since you left for China (a few years ago now I think)...

Often read about teaching English online and think about doing it myself but always hear conflicting reports about the amount of money you can earn.

You've obviously got some good experience now - how many hours are you working/planning to work and how much are you earning/or realistically expecting to earn each month ?




Depends how many hours you sign up for.   There are MORE Teaching Opportunities during the School Holidays in China.
During weekdays it is (+8GMT = Beijing/China time) it is typically 18:00 - 21:10 Monday to Friday.  Sat/Sun 10:00 - 21:10
Teaching @ Hunan University, I was only Teaching 10.5 hours /Week = 42 hours/month + 2 hours with an English Corner = 44 Hours( month (+ Office hours)  for RMB5,000pm (+ Accomodation/ Utility/Internet/ Allowance and a Canteen Card).

One does need a  BA/BSc/Honors Degree or Equiv (My C&G FTC was and equivalent according to the Engineering Council of London (but was a bit problematic getting it recognised as such by SAFEA in China.  I had been given credits for my C&G FTC at an OnLine Degree Course with a University giving me an HNC in Engineering Technology).   I also obtained a Teaching Certificate  (I obtained a 120 Hour TEFL Diploma from Serious Teachers and got a Scholarship Discount, making it the same price as their Certificate).  You also need a Non-Criminal
 (Clearance Certificate).

I believe I may have already posted about this.

When I also taught for iTutoring.com, there were a lot more opportunities to add extra hours.   Working for 2 x On-lIne companies, it is possible to earn PHP50-60Kpm or more.   I found volunteering to help out over Chinese New Year (where DaDaABC closed but iTutoring Group were seeking Volunteer Consultants.   

This was too much for me however as they scheduled back to back classes for 5 hours.  You have a maximum of 3 minutes between classes to wind up, then  go to the toilet, get more water, eat, and be on line ready to start 2 minutes before the scheduled Session time.
Get 6 x Switched Classes, in 6 months, and you get 'Auto Terminated'  (which is what happened to me).

Hope this information helps

David. R. Whittall (I.Eng, MIEEIE - retired)

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I found the e-mail from Serious Teachers regarding my Scholarship request:-

Dear David Whittall,
This is to inform you that the SeriousTEFL examiner has reached a decision
about your request for a TEFL Course Scholarship as indicated below:
Scholarship Value: $75 USD


Confirm the following Mailing address for receiving a hard copy of your Diploma. (modify if necessary)David Whittall

湖南铁道职业技术学院 国际交流处 湖南省、株洲市、石峰区、田心大道18号 邮编:412001   曾江初      手机:13975311330

18 Tianxin Road, Shifeng District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China 412001

Tel:   0086-731-22783865
Fax:     0086-731-28441889

The hard copy of your Diploma is scheduled to be mailed to the above confirmed address on May 28, 2014

Trouble was Hunan Railway Vocational College of College did not seem to have received it.   

I was very willing to extend my Contract with them.  There was this New Zealand Guy, named MoMo, who had been teaching there for 7 years, and a guy from Scotland, Colin, who had taught in Russia, before being hired by HuNan Railway Professional Technology College (HNRPTC).

The trouble was the Principle wanted to revert back to just 2 x Native ESL Teachers.  
Momo had gone back to New Zealand for the Spring Break.  He had some personal things to sort out, and asked if the College would allow me to take over from him as they were cutting back to two teachers. 

The Foreign Affairs Director told me that Momo is contacted to finish after Spring Break to the Summer Break, so I could not take over his contract (perhaps they did not want me to receive his higher salary as he had 7 years of pay increases).  Colin had already signed his new Contract in January.  So mine, was to be the New Contract they would/could not sign.  This was the only Teaching Institute to offer same 12 months pay  (for a 12 month Contract ie paid salary for Summer Break also).  None of the other 4, paid for the summer vacation break.

I requested a new Hard Copy to be sent to my Philippines Address, and I hand carried it to China for my 3rd and subsequent 2 years.


NB:  It states my Graduate ID # 4394942-1708


How can I verify that my degree has been issued and is registered?
Anyone can verify the authenticity of SeriousTEFL issued Diplomas by entering the following link and introducing the Graduate ID located at the bottom left corner of the corresponding Diploma: https://www.seriousteachers.com/TEFL/verify/  This link can also be used by future employers as verification.   

NB: It changed from http:// to https://


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Good Air Language

Resources for Teaching English and Learning Spanish Online

Search for:

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Teaching English Online

Spanish Learners

English Learners

Job List

TEFL Certification


List of Online English Teaching Companies

Last update: April 28th, 2019

The List



Teaching English online is a great way to earn money from home. If you are qualified you shouldn’t have any troubles getting a job and by qualified I mean that you have a university degree, a CELTA or TESL certificate and some teaching experience. It’s a perfect job for those who have taught English overseas and are now looking for work back home. It is also great for current teachers who are looking for more hours. Personally, I teach English face-to-face in the morning and online with Skype in the afternoon. This is a list of all online English teaching companies. I have had interviews with several of the companies on this list and I am currently working for one of them.
There are many companies that teach online. They mostly teach business English, but most of them offer test preparation, group and individual classes too. Recently many Chinese companies that focus on teaching English to children have appeared. This is a list that I will be updating, please leave a comment if you have any experiences with these companies or know of any others that should be added to the list.

Beware that some of these companies may have a bad reputation! Check out the comments at the bottom of the page and read their review page for more info about a specific company.

Click here for more information about How to Become an Online English Teacher.


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I expect some Chinese Kids might enjoy this (but no access to Facebook for most)

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Dariece Swift  provides some great TIPS and Advice to anyone considering Teaching On-Line.

I have Quoted her Introduction and Table of Contents:-



Teach English Online: Get Paid With These Top 5 Companies

 By Dariece Swift
Posted 26 Mar, 2018 |  128 Comments
Posted in: Teaching English, Travel Blogs

The internet is a wonderful thing. It’s opened the door for people to earn a full-time income, or side income from anywhere in the world. Teach English online, learn how to start a travel blog, or become famous on social media and be a brand ambassador for large companies. It’s all possible.

If you’re looking to teach English online, you’ve come to the right place. Here I’m going to list the best online English teaching jobs, how you can find a job with reputable companies, and how much money you can expect to earn from teaching English online.

If you’ve been on this blog before, you’ll know we’re all about helping travellers find online jobsso that they can turn travel into a lifestyle. We’ve been travelling since 2008 and thanks to the internet, we’ve been able to earn more money online than we ever did in our well-paying jobs in Canada.


Teaching English is a rewarding and enriching experience – both in person and online


1 Who Can Teach English Online?

2 How Much Do Online English Teaching Jobs Pay?

3 Best Companies to Teach English Online 3.1 1. VIPKID – Teach English Online to Chinese Students (top choice for Canadians and Americans)

3.1.1 Pros To Teach English Online With VIPKID:

3.1.2 Cons To Teach English Online With VIPKID:

3.2 2. Qkids – Teach English Online to Chinese Students (second choice for American and Canadian online English teachers)

3.2.1 Pros To Teach English Online With Qkids:

3.2.2 Cons To Teach English Online With Qkids:

3.3 3. Cambly – Online English Tutoring Jobs to Worldwide Students

3.3.1 Pros To Teach English Online With Cambly:

3.3.2 Cons To Teach English Online With Cambly:

3.4 4. Italki – Teach English Online (or any other language)

3.4.1 Pros To Teach English Online With Italki:

3.4.2 Cons To Teach English Online With Italki:

3.5 5. English Hunt – Teach English Online (or by phone) to Korean Students

3.5.1 Pros To Teach English Online With English Hunt:

3.5.2 Cons To Teach English Online With English Hunt:

3.6 6. EF Education First – Teach ESL Online to Chinese Children (top choice for UK online English teachers)

4 Now You Can Teach English Online

5 Like This Article? Pin it!



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Posted (edited)

I created a FREE Account on https://www.superprof.co.uk/

Seems to get Prime Clients, one has to pay SuperProf to receive VIP Profile treatment.

I did get some prospective  inquiries from a girl in Brazil and another in France and this Spanish guy Sergio, working in Madrid

Sergio inquired about my SuperProf Lessons.

He liked my mention of Teaching the BBC 'The Flat Mates' Series 


This is about a Chinese girl living in a Flat in London that wants some other 'Flat Mates' to share the Flat, to reduce the running costs and have some friends to talk to.

Meet the Flatmates


Tim's ambitious and very competitive. He'd like to start up his own business and is always on the lookout for people and ideas that can help him make his dream a reality. Until recently, he was working as an assistant manager in a department store, selling jewellery.

What's new?

Tim's been having a hard time of it lately. Some customers returned watches they had bought at his store. when Tim sent them back to the factory where they were made, the manufacturer said that the watches were fakes. Before long the police became involved and Tim was in serious trouble. Tim realised it was his boss who was behind the fake watches and in a show-down with him, Tim resigned.

He was unemployed for a while and was feeling quite sorry for himself. Then, his rich friend, Janet, helped him find a job. A friend of hers, Henry, was retiring and Janet persuaded him to let Tim take over his cafe. Tim wants to make a success of the cafe but does he really have what it takes to run a business?


Helen was born in China but has lived in Britain since she was 12. She is at university studying politics and economics. Helen is worried about her exams. She wants to get a good degree but doesn't study as much as she should.

What's new?

Helen's feeling a bit blue just now. She fell quite hard for Michal and, when he had to go back to Poland to look after his dad, she really missed him. He wrote to her recently to say he's fallen in love with someone else in Poland and won't be coming back.

Although she's heart-broken she has also realised she's been neglecting her books lately. She knows she needs to concentrate on her studying but will she be able to or will her day-dreams of Michal get in the way?


Khalid was born in Bahrain, but he is studying English at a language school near the flat. He is also a part-time business student at the University. He loves sport, especially football, and is interested in music and fashion too.

What's new?

After Michal went back to Poland, the flatmates advertised for a new flatmate. They found Khalid, who was a friend of Michal's.

He's been settling in and has been getting on with the others well but after a chat with Tim recently, he realised there might be some tension between them. Tim found out that because Khalid is a student he's paying a lot less rent than Tim. Will the guys be able to be friends or will the difference in their rent payments come between them?


Alice is a nurse from London. She loves her job and gets a lot of satisfaction helping people get better. She wants to get married and have kids but she never seems to meet the right man.

What's new?

Alice has been dating Paul Laver, a doctor from the hospital where she works. Although he's split up from his wife and has two children, Alice is still trying to make the relationship work.

She baby-sat for one of his children, Ellie, recently but it didn't go at all well. Paul and Alice had a huge row after that and the question now is - will their relationship survive?


Michal is Tim's cousin from Poland. He came to Britain to improve his English. He was a student in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) school. At first he was shy and he missed Poland a lot.

What's new?

Michal started dating Helen. He thought the relationship was casual but Helen thought that it was much more serious. When Michal's dad had a heart attack, he told Helen that he wasn't ready to settle down with her and that his first priority was his family in Poland.

He wrote to her recently to say he's fallen in love with someone else and won't be coming back to see Helen.

Michal has left but has he gone forever?

has done 202 out of the 204 Episodes (taken >12 months)

Sergio may well try The BBC's Series:  Starting Business English

I was actually given this as the COUSEWARE for Business English Students  @ Hunan Vocational College of Commerce!

I had the Students Book, The Teachers Book and CDROMS

This guidе is intеnded to hеlp tеасhеrs implеmеnt thе vidеo paсkagе "Stаrting Businеss Еnglish'' in thе сlassroom.

The paсkage
Thе vidеos сonsist of 20 units, еaсh lasting aЬout tеn minutеs; а vidеo workЬook with exerсisеs and languаgе summaгiеs; аnd thгее audio сassettеs. (CDROM)
It is assumеd that thе partiсipants will еасh havе a сopy of thе vidеo woгkЬook.
Тhе аudio саssеttеs/CDROM whiсh aссompany this pасkаgе arе nеeded to сагIу oцt somе of thе workЬook еxеrсisеs.

Course timе
If usеd in dерth, thе mаtегiаl in this paсkage сan providе foг арргoхimaгеly 100 houгs of study time.
Howеvег, somе (oг еvеn аll) of the tаsks in the workbook mау Ье sеt as sеlf-study, dеpending on thе lеvеl and nееds of thе lеamегs, and on the faсilitiеs at thеir disposаl.
lf thе workЬook еxегсisеs аre givеn mаinlу as sеlf-study, thе numЬer of сlass hours nееded to соvег thе сouгsе would Ье аpproximatеly 40 - 50.
Тhе аudio ехсrсisеs саn Ье done еithег аs sеlf-studу (in а listсning сеntrе' lаnguаgе laЬorаtory or at homе on thе lеаrners own еquiрmеnt) or in сlass: oг thеy mаy Ье ргерaгеd in сlаss and rереatеd Iаtег аs sеlf-study.

Target oudienсe:
lt is assumеtl thаt thе lеаrnегs will not Ьe сomplеtе Ьеginnеrs. Маnу lеаmегs гnaу Ье fаlsе Ьеginnегs (thеy lеarnеd Еnglish a long timе ago, or havе pегhаps not usеd thе languagе aсtivеly foт listening and speаking Ьеfoге).

Lower level group :
Тhе mаtегial will rеquirе morе сlаss timе if thе group is of a low lеvеl, and thе tеасhеr may сhoosе to omit еxplanations of thе morе сomplех languаgе аnd voсaЬulаry. Listеning сompгеhеnsion should foсus mainly on gist; and dеtailеd listеning (stеp 4 in thе рroсеdurе Ьеlow) should fосus on thе story and on visuаl aspесts rаthег than thе languаgе usеd in thе vidеo. Whеn аsking quеstions аЬout the vidеo, thе tеaсhеr сan ассеpt short or imреrfесt answеrs providеd thе lеаrnегs сan show thаt thеy havе undегstood.


Higher lеve| groups.
Lеss timе will Ье nееdеd for introduсing Ьаsiс voсаЬulaгy and еxpгеssions. On thе other hand, moге time may Ье givеn to detailеd listеning (stеp 4) and lеamеrs сan Ье asked quеstions аnd givеn input on thе moге сomplеx language and stтuсturеs usеd in thе vidеo. In step 10 (see rесommеndеd pгogrammе Ьеlow), the shoтt exсhangеs maу Ье сomplеtеd quiсkly oт evеn omittеd, and more саn Ье ехpесtеd of the lеаrnегs in гolе-play and disсussion aсtivitiеs in terms of lеngth of pеrfoгmаnсе, and thе rangе and сomрleхitу of languagе usеd.


Reсommended Proсedure

1 . Prеparation Асtivitiеs:
Thеsе аrе intended to intгoduсе thе topiс аnd some Ьasiс voсaЬulагv. Keywords to Ье introduсеd аrе undегlinеd. The questions arе intеndеd to givе thе lеarnеrs thе oрpoгtunity to talk аЬout thеir оwn baсkground knowlеdge and еxpеriеnсе. If woгking with a gгouр thаt hаs no Ьusinеss еxрегienсе, you should be pгеparеd to ехрlain thе systеms, proсeduгеs аnd сonсepts involvеd. Whеrе pаrtiсulаг answегs to quеstions aге ехpесtеd (in this аnd othег sесtions), thеsе are givеn in thе guidе.

2. Wordсhеck
Тhе words in thеsе lists саn bе taught Ьеforе wаtсhing or usеd for rеview аt а lаtеr stаge. Аsk сhесk quеstions to see if lеaтneгs know tЬеsе words. If thеу don't, рrovidе eхplаnаtions and еxamplеs. Сhесk how thе words аnd exprеssions аrе used in thе sсript.

3. Тhe Story
Ask quеstions аЬout thе pгevious unit(s). Sее if thе сlаss саn ргеdict what is going to hаpрen nехt.

4. Undеrstand thе Vidеo.
Quеstions markеd 'Bеforе' should Ье sеt bеforеnwatсhing thе sсеnе. Аs thе сlаss watсhеs, thеy should look for thе answеr to thе quеstion. Quеstions maтked 'Аftеr' should Ье аskеd afteг watсhing. Plаy еaсh sсеnе a sесond or thiгd timе, pausing at рoints you want to foсus on. Аsk questions аЬout pеop[е, evеnts or lаnguagе ассording to levеl (sеe аЬovе notes).

5. Watсh out for.
Thеsе аге quеstions аЬout impoгtant asресts of  Ьеhаviour thаt сan Ье oЬsегvеd. You сan аsk thеsе questions during Stеp 4 oг plау rеlеvant sсеnеs with thе sound down аftеr Stеp 4. Not all цnits hаvе this stеp.

6. Languagе Work
Thеsе саn еithеr be donе Ьy wаtсhing thе video аgаin or Ьy using thе audio vеrsion. In сlass, pаusе the track, to allow timе to writе. Thеn plaу thе wholе dialoguе. Chесk thе аnswеr

Edited by David_LivinginTalisay
Copied Text produced type errors - corrected (hopefully)

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There are some really interesting Topics that come up the DaDaABC Courseware


My fantastic Family

                     Adjectives                                Considerate     Easy going        Humerous         Intelligent              Obedient    

Key Structure    

    [ I think he’s |the most obedient | person in my family.]

    [ Once | we were in a restaurant ]    We use the past tense after words like
    [           |  and he told a joke.          ]    Once, One day and Once upon a time.



Have any of you heard of  'Nick Vujicic'?

Nor had I (until I came to teach this Courseware

Life Without Limbs // Nick Vujicic


Born with no arms and no legs, Nick Vujicic has overcome life's challenges through strength & hope found in Jesus Christ. Life Without Limbs is an organization ...




Nick Vujicic - ___


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