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help constructing cheap elevated open air pavilion?

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12 hours ago, SkyMan said:

No experience but plastics don't do very well in the sun.  If noise is the reason, foam insulation under the GI helps.

When we built my house we rolled that foam with the foil on it over the framing, then nailed down the roofing sheets.  About 6 months later we primed it and painted.  It's worked ok and not too loud but there are short instances where we have to turn off the tv and wait a bit because even if the tv were loud enough to hear it just would be too much noise.  Never lasts too long though.

If I were to do it again and had time, which we didn't then, I would lay out all the GI sheets.  Don't leave them in a stack or they will wick water and rust.  I would prime one side with the yellow zinc primer and paint.  Then on the other side I'd slather on rugby and attach the foil foam and roll it so it follows the curves of the GI.  Then put those up.  Having the foam attached to the sheets would greatly reduce the sound I think and it would be a lot easier to install.  It's sort of a cheapo version of what I will use on my next house build which is the pre-made, pre-colored sandwich panels from Union Galvasteel but that depends on what they cost and my budget. 

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Just to clarify - you are asking the person you are renting from to tell you what permits you need to stay in business ???      Knowing that if you do not have the correct permits your business might

Quite a few of us have been down that road... but as long as you know what to expect ... hope it all goes well for you.

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The structure would be under big trees so the UV hit would be less. Also it's a lease doesn't have to last forever. By the sea so GI will rust - even if it's galvanized.  In our house we have thickest GI with flameproof styro as insulation and another layer underneath That works really well sound and insulation wise but I don't want to spend that much.

I'll probably go with the naked pvc for walls and and roof. The money saved I'll spend on landscaping lighting and nice CR

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do you have pics of your idea. im wanting to build something i call a yoga shala.......concrete floor and just open roof

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