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Buying The Bigger Item Not Always Cheaper

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2 minutes ago, liquido said:

I cannot remember but is it a law in most states that grocery prices should show cost by measure unlike here?  Helping  guys like me that did not do well in math class..

Yes it is - Illinois is one

Saw a vid on McDo fries  -  large fries less expensive per weight than med 


It depends on who stuffs the box  - if they just lift and stick fries in - much less than if they shake box while filling.


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Was at PMall today and noticed Bullseye marked on the shelf as p123. It wasn't the original flavor but for that price I figured I'd try it and got 4. Rang up as p175. Pointed it out to the girl so she sent a guy to check it. I went back to the shelf to make sure I wasn't imagining it or maybe the price was for something else, but yeah, p123. Guy never showed so I went back to the counter and waited, and waited, came back and said it was p175 but buy one take one (aka 2 for 1) making it p87.50 per bottle.  Score.

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Some s&r items are cheaper in larger size than buying small packages elsewhere.

Having the sachets be cheaper helps me, because i travel around and don't feel like i *have* to buy a large bottle of shampoo etc, to save money.

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Then, as usual, she has to three counters over to find a CC machine that works.  She hands me a pen and 2 receipts.  No sig line on the receipt.  Hand them back, no signature required.  But sir, you have to sign.  Point at the words "no signature required."  She's miffed and walks off to find a manager while the other girl finishes up.  First girl comes back and I get a receipt and leave.

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