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Where to find a Locksmith that has Yale Re-pinning ?


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I bought a YALE lock and wanted to fit it on the front gate.

Had to make up a 'spacer' to door thickness (as the gate is steel sheet welded to round tube).

But when assembling, the 'çirclip'of the 'core' became detached, and it fell out of the 'bible'!
I got these Locksmith terms from this YouTube Video:- #Bosnianbill #LockLab #LockPicking.

Bosnian Bill explains it well, but I found it very tricky to insert the springs and security pins into the bible, one at a time and slide a tube so they 
are all fully inserted so the 'çore' can be inserted off -center.

Perhaps becuse i did not have good enough tweezers, or lack of experience at doing this (as well as no access to spare pins as it was 5 pin  core,

but I could only find 10 pins and 4 springs! But perhaps that last hole (like in the YouTube Video, is not normally pinned as in that 6 pin core).

 Anyone know if and where there is a locksmith in Cebu, who can do this repinning (but if it will cost  PHP700+ it will be easier/cheaper to buy a new Lock).

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i'm willing to bet any number of those guys down in colon that have a decent size key duplicating set up would either have the parts and pop it together for you,  or you can try that lock shop in raintree mall.  however for 700p total replacement cost you might simply consider buying a new one and keeping this present one around for spare parts. 

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