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Little niggle with BPI today but they're still my favorite Phil bank

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I originally opened my BPI at PMall because that was the closest to Lilo-an.  A while later they opened a branch in Lacion.  Recalling my past experience with MetroBank (the anti branch bank,) I went in to move my account to the Lacion branch.  You can do that sir, but there's no need because we're all the same.  What a refreshing idea.

For the last few months I've noticed signs on the ATMs that they were going to chipped cards and to go in and get a new one.  I don't really use the card much using the account for online bill pay mostly so I blew it off.  Then last weekend I went by the branch to do a cash deposit in one of the machines and found my card no longer worked but I was still able to deposit typing in the account #.  I looked at the sign again and it said to pick up the card at your home branch.  Hmmmmmm

I decided to go ahead and take care of it today and went to the Lacion branch.  They told me the card was ready to pick up at PMall.  I said I would really rather just make Lacion my home branch.  You'd have to close the account and open a new one here.  Just bring your card and an ID.  Hmmmmmmmm

Not interested in lots of paperwork I decided to just go get the card.  At PMall I gave my old card.  She asked for an ID.  I gave her my DL.  Do you have an ACR-I card?  Yes.  I need that too.  You asked for 1 ID.  I need the ACR card too.  Fine.  (Don't ask for 1 if you need 2.)  Then she starts pulling out a pile of paperwork...No, I don't need a new account, just picking up the card.  We have to update.  Then I'll close the account and open one in Lacion.  You can do that there.  And they can transfer the cash, etc.  Yes.  Hmmmmm

Back to Lacion thinking I really should have withdrawn the money and closed the account at PMall.  I'm directed to new accounts where I explain I want to close my  old account and open a new one there so I don't have to deal with PMall anymore.  For a while....   We can have them send your card here.  Signed 2 forms and hopefully I can just pick up the new card there in a few days.  In the meantime she reactivated my old card but didn't know how long it would stay active.  No biggy there.

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This looks like a branch  thing  The notification of change of card has been up for 12 months in all branches inviting you to surrender your old for a new style card with warnings that the old card would not be accepted from February this year. We took our time and did it in January, no rushing us either!!


Our ID was my credit card with them and my SR shopping card as it has a nice pic, same for the boss. In and out in less than a couple of minutes

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