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1 hour ago, rfm010 said:

Arrival planes rather than departures have started flying over the house.  Quick thunderstorm last night with rain on the roof drowning out the new hope pa frogs and crickets that i play at night to drown out the quezon city dogs and roosters.  Lighting in the northern sky tonight to complement the storm that i am sweating up.  I do believe there's a change of weather coming on.  

Pretty good rain last night/this morning.  Even some puddling in the yard.  But soon gone and doesn't appear to be anything on the horizon.

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dry as bone here. Pumped the tank full yesterday.  Thank God for the deep well.

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Rain moved in about 30 minutes ago, should be enough to give the ground a fair soak.   Nice part about the onset of the rainy season is the lightening light show in the clouds the hour or so around sunset.  The downside of course is sweating like a pig while waiting for the rain.

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