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Norway Builds World's First Floating & Largest Underwater Tunnels

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12 minutes ago, Woolf said:

And @SkyMan want to tell the norwegians what do do  or not to do with their money

Geez. I'm just asking a question.  Unknot your panties.  Lot of money for a little gain as far as I can see but like I said...

2 hours ago, SkyMan said:

Of course it is up to Norway and Norwegian taxpayers

Don't post anything about Norway if you can't handle a few questions.

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9 hours ago, HTM said:

Yes Norway cant handle money or investment hehehehe 

Please leave the sarcasm for the pros !!

9 hours ago, SkyMan said:

Geez. I'm just asking a question.  Unknot your panties.  

Norwegians dont wear panties . ( well not the women anyway. I know this from personal experience). 

Does that thing really float?

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I think a project like this also can be important for other, Its lots of places they can us this system. 

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14 hours ago, Davaoeno said:

Does that thing really float?

Careful, you have asked a question which will bring the wrath of all Scandinavia...  just sayin'

In the video the first they show is 27Km but it doesn't show the entire length.  The part they show is underground.  Then there is a small part where the tunnel appears to be laying on the sea bed.  The next crossing is a floating bridge but I would assume some of the fjords farther north would require undersea tunnels that are above the deep sea bottoms.  Although the actual construction process isn't shown I'd assume they will submerge large sections of tube and connect them and then pump out the water.  Pretty cool.  I'm sure there will be episodes of Impossible Engineering on this.  The pressures of withstanding moving seas will be tough to deal with.

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