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Wireless charger

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I looked at getting a wireless charger for my Samsung last trip to the US but I think the branded ones were like $40 so I forgot about it.  Then a couple weeks ago I decided ot would be handy to have another type C cable in my truck so I didn't have to keep moving my original cable from the house to the truck and back.  So I was looking on Lazada and came across some wireless chargers fairly cheap but not a lot of good reviews and most didn't come with the cable or transformer plug.  Then I found this one which comes with a type C cable but no plug. I figured if nothing else, at least I have the cable I need for the truck. 


Works well so far. I just lay the phone on it and it goes into fast charge. This one doesn't tip up in easel fashion so you can use it while it's charging but I don't really care about that and I could make a stand for that if I wanted it.

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