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Poll - Members thoughts on deleting or altering posts?


Members thoughts sought, deleted posts   

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  1. 1. Sometimes a post is hidden because it has quoted a hidden post, or just because a small part of a post is in violation of the rules. Would you rather your post was hidden, or edited by a Mod?

    • Remove the offending part of my post
    • Hide my post entirely

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Often a post is hidden because it has quoted a hidden post, or because it has referred to something not allowed, such as mentioning something political. In the past, Mods were not allowed to edit a member's post, only hide or delete it.

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Salty Dog

I know to some this is a sacred subject, but I was wonder what you might think about staff doing it occasionally for the betterment of the thread.

As we all know, staff hides follow up posts that quote or refer to a previous post that was hidden for breaking some rule. The problem is staff can't always hide the post before several members respond to it directly. On occasion, one of those follow up posts will make a small reference to the now hidden post, usually only a sentence or so. However, the rest of the post contains a great deal of useful information that wouldn't be available to others because staff hid it. In such instances, I think removing the reference to the hidden post would be better than hiding the entire post.

I'm only talking about deleting something from the post that is off topic because it refers to a hidden post. No editing it otherwise. If a significant portion of the post is about the hidden post, than of course staff would just hide the entire post like they already do.

A good example is a member who often writes long detailed post, but begins or ends them with a reference to a previous post that he didn't like. That's fine if the post he is refering to is still viewable, but if it's been hidden, that's where I think removing the portions refering to the hidden post could be appropriate.

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