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Dating Etiquette/Advice?

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9 hours ago, James Bond said:

That's my experience: dating sites are great for screening girls, compared to, say, the shotgun approach of posting in a Facebook dating group and getting hundreds of replies/messages/friend requests from people you know very little about. Though, admittedly, the girl I've chatted with the most came from one of those Facebook posts. She sent one of the few competent, responsive messages in reply, so I contacted her back. But I wouldn't make a Facebook dating group post again. 


I did the pray and spray approach online, not FB. A lot of filtering before any meetings. This last go around I had like 6 I was going to meet, and that got paired down to 1 fairly quickly. I push the conversations, try to find out their expectations, what they like, what they hate etc. I also push the conversation towards sex (might be a no-no for some) but I know what I want, and I did find that some don't do one basic thing... so the conversation ended pretty fast! :P 

No matter how cautious you are, you can find bad ones, and no matter how stupid you are, you can get lucky and find a winner.  Good luck to all in their adventures, it's a crap shoot, and relationships are not a one size fits all,  everyone's process and results are different, as are needs :D 

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I get what you're saying, though sometimes a challenge is better than "sure, i did that with many guys hehe".
There's no substitute for experience!
Besides, there are plenty of others who will do it without a debate and begging (I'll save that for other things)

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Salty Dog

Let's drop this current line of discussion...

This isn't the forum for it...

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