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URGENT: Tacloban housing needed for student x 1 month


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Have a 21 yr old niece who is doing her clinical work for Physical Therapy, her last year (Cebu Doctor University).  The college requires the final-year students to do this cliinical rotation throughout the Philippines but, true to nature, does nothing to assist them by way of transportation or living costs. But that's a story for another day.

QUESTION:  Does anyone know of decent housing for a Filipina in Tacloban, during February '19? She'll be assigned to Divine Word Hospital (sort of close to Leyte Park), so something close to there would be great. We're not rich, but we're not poor either... so something "in the middle" price-wise would be great.

Feel free to post here, or send me a private message, and we'll chat some.


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I can offer a suggestion, but nothing exact.  Many universities have colocated or nearby housing ranging from small apartments to dormitories. A dorm room may cost ₽2000 a month.  An apartment we rent near VSU costs ₽4000 per month with some add ones such as electricity and such. 

There is likely a near constant turn around of renters. Good chance a place can be gotten by contacting some of the universities in Tacloban. 

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