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A Neighborhood conundrum......


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46 minutes ago, oztony said:

A similar process in provincial Negros , sometimes the barangay captain will arrange a meeting to be held with the concerned party's and the lupon where advice will be given to those concerned on a resolution and a way forward...


Here, the progression would be the barangay captain, the lupon, and then the police.

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why not just admit it...you are FB. 

We have several mentally disturbed characters that wander the baranguys. Generally they don't cause a fuss except for walking in the middle of the road, which I'm sure will be their demise eventually.

Bama, you should introduce yourself to the Baranguy Captain just to make him aware you're a nice guy and your intent is to live in peace while you bring money into the community without taking up a jo

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Salty Dog

Asked and answered ad nauseam...

Closed at the request of the OP.

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