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After Missing Christmas Twice, Veteran’s Filipina Wife Finally Gets UK Visa

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Would have thought that the woman's visa issues would have been resolved when she married but apparently not.


After missing Christmas twice, veteran’s Filipina wife finally gets UK visa



The Filipina wife of a British Army veteran can finally visit her new family in Scotland after a decision to refuse her a visa was reversed.

Jennifer Martin, aged 42, who married Andrew Martin last September, was unable to enjoy Christmas with her new relatives after immigration officials denied her a visitor visa last year. Instead Andrew flew out to Tagum City to celebrate with his wife’s family.

According to a report in the The Courier, lobbying by the newspaper has now encouraged the Home Office to think again.

“Jennifer will fly to Manila on Thursday and hand her passport over for processing,” said 49-year-old Andrew.

“It looks like Jen can celebrate her 43rd birthday in Scotland on February 17 with her new family.”

The couple had the same problem in Christmas 2017, when Jennifer was also refused a visa. At this time the couple were unmarried, and the Home Office stated it was not convinced she would return to the Philippines.

After the application was refused for a second Christmas visit, Andrew said: “We were both devastated in 2017 when Jen’s application was rejected on the basis she had too much money in her account — they could not verify she had access to it and they did not believe she would return to her home country after the vacation.

“They said any application in future would be rejected unless her circumstances changed dramatically.

“I thought being married would be a dramatic change in anyone’s circumstances but I am obviously wrong.

“What hurts me the most is Jen is being accused of making a fraudulent visa application.”

The couple met when Andrew, who worked in the construction industry after serving as a corporal in the Black Watch regiment, was working in Qatar in 2015.

He moved to the Philippines and set up a construction company last February. Currently he is based in London working on a contract.


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Doesn't surprise me at all. Then can and will refuse a visa if they think the applicant may stay longer than stated on the application. 

I am a British citizen married to my wife for over 25 years and the application process for her to get  a UK tourist visa is ridiculous compared to other countries. 


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Despite my wife being a teacher with contracts to prove her employment, bank statements and clear TB  X rays the visitors visa instead of being assessed on facts is in effect decided by what some one thinks.


In addition the application cannot be made any further than 3 months in advance. this may take three weeks for rejection(most likely) or acceptance giving just over two months to arrange travel and accommodation. I wonder if the British Ambassador and his family make long haul travel plans and accommodation for his family with just two months notice. Maybe because he is in high position he can get away with it plus the discounts. I suspect many in the UK looking to go overseas book and pay months in advance for a long haul break. 


I find myself more ashamed and embarrassed on a daily basis by how the UK government behaves.

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