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Salty Dog

Thread Titles - Clickbaiting

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Salty Dog

There are numerous definitions for clickbaiting. In the forum's context, we'll just call it a thread title that is deceptive, or gives no idea as to the topic of the thread.

Regardless if it's your intention or if you're just unaware you're doing it, please insure your thread title conveys the topic of the thread. 

It's fairly easy when posting an online article or a YouTube video. Using the title of the article/video or at least part of the title, will usually be enough to convey the topic of the thread.

In other threads, the thread title should at least give some idea as to what the threads topic is.

Titles like "Neat Video", "You won't believe this", "Here we go again", "Guess what I did yesterday" and so on, in no way convey what the topic of the thread is about.

If you're going to the trouble to create a thread to ask a question, post more than a word or two followed by either !!!!! or ?????. Give members an idea of what your question pertains to.

While on the subject of thread titles, they should not contain an emoji and should not be in all caps.

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