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Legal advice custody of children

Captain Camiguin

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My gf wanted to do a kind of illegal private adoption of her new friends baby .  The midwife had already filed the BC with the gf's name on it. It cost 3000 to have the original BC pulled and destroyed and replaced with a new one .   But it was not too long afterwards.

Just remember that one of the benefits of living in a corrupt country is - well - the corruption !! hehe



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47 minutes ago, SkyMan said:

Any chance the BC can be amended (or late filed or whatever) with DNA proof? 

It be very difficult sins the mother probable going to say no.

But a DNA can prove that he is the father and by that have some legal rights. depending on his citizenship he may also give the kid dual citizenship.   

The problem is that the mother want her kid back, and maybe have money to fight him in the court. She have by law the custody of the kid.
If the mother don't live in the Philippines he may fight or ask that the kid stay in the Philippines until the case finish (4 to 7 years).  and its "only" 10 year to the kid is 18... 
Its lots of thing he can do, but its not smart to talk about things like that on a open forum.
Example the kid may get here own attorney, 3 side more chaos more years... hehe

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