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Meet The Dean Of Cebuano Bladesmiths


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Does anyone know this guy or his family? Where they might live in Cebu or where their shop might be? There are but a couple of posts on the internet about him when he lived in the US.Only knives shown are balisongs which I'm not interested in. Any ideas?


Edge of Lilo-an: Meet the dean of Cebuano bladesmiths



LILO-AN, Cebu is home to Pardy Bugtai, a bladesmith of the renowned cutlery brand PABU Knife. The persona of a knife maker is surrounded by mystique. Knife makers are such a rare breed with an enormous talent in art, design and knowledge of science behind the steel. A knife maker is like a jack-of-all-trades and a master of everything. That is because to be a knife maker, one has to be skilled and a master of numerous crafts like forging and forming steel, carving exquisite handles of exotic wood, bone and antler. Some will even go as far as doing delicate wire inlays with precious metals like silver as accents and engravings on the blade. The knife maker makes deep drawings on bone and horn handles and becomes a scrimshander, one who makes the old and lost art of scrimshaws. The maker is a machinist, too. He will need to operate the lathe machine, bench drills, belt and bench grinders.

Pardy, 75, is all of these mentioned above. He has more than five decades of experience to back him up, since he made his very first build back in 1960. He learned to appreciate forming and working with metals from his uncle who was a vehicle bodybuilder. Another uncle of his was a local “panday,” though his products were ploughshares.

Pardy’s knife making is a journey that took him to the United States from 1982 to 2012 in Portland, Oregon. There, he was admitted to the American Bladesmith Society, and for a brief period, he did contract work for Remington Knives. This traveler has come full circle by returning to his beloved hometown in 2012, bringing with him the tools of the trade and a body of works.

Pardy recently hosted an event called “Knife Talk” last November 2018 at his residence. And the workshop, was well-attended by fellow knife makers, collectors and the knife community in general.

That day was like Pardy’s birthday, the man was full of smiles, filled with enthusiasm in talking about his history and passion, blushing and glowing with joy. The many splendored man turned out to be a man of humor, too. In the local community, he is known and has gained the distinction as the dean of Cebuano bladesmiths and the maestro of knife makers. After the mentorship of Rommel Bugtai, Pardy did not cease to impart knowledge. Two of his students, Wilbur Balverde and Dondon Dimpas are now accomplished knife makers furthering the craft. Pardy’s son, Rommel, is now based in California specializing in the field of the Philippine butterfly knife, also known as the Batangas knife—the famed Balisong—continuing the living heritage and tradition abroad.

Pardy’s wife Sofia said something funny. And since the story touches a little on family tradition, Sonia will fittingly have the last word. According to her, “Pardy is married to his knife.” Now that defines the knifemaker’s dedication to his craft and passion all smiths should embody.



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Ordering FHM | JerzeeDevil


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Or get any Matt Cook balisong. Matt's Pinoy heritage is apparent because he's able to capture the soul of a true Filipino balisong, and IMHO he and the since-retired Pardy Bugtai make THE BEST FHM-inspired balis hands down.




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