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Filipina Reported Missing! - Update No Longer Missing


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43 minutes ago, HTM said:


She, or someone, made a post on her FB page 52 minutes ago.

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Little more info about the girl.


Filipino-Belgian girl, 17, reported missing

Police in Cebu City have asked the public to help locate a 17-year-old Filipino-Belgian girl who disappeared  on Saturday night after leaving the hotel where  she and her father were staying.

The photo of Roxanne Cerckel was released close to midnight on Sunday by the Abellana Police Precinct on its official Facebook page after the 24-hour required period within which a person can be officially declared as missing has lapsed.

Inspector Gomercendo Mandawe, deputy chief of the Abellana Police Precinct, said in a phone interview that the girl’s father, Belgian national Paul Cerckel, went to the station early on Sunday to ask for assistance because his daughter did not return after leaving the hotel at around 11 p.m. on Saturday, December 29. 

Cerckel and his daughter are residents of Damaguete in Negros Oriental who are in Cebu for an out of town trip and are billeted in one of Cebu City’s prominent hotels.


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Cebu Daily News




Fil-Belgian girl is not missing after all, Cebu City police say

By Benjie B. Talisic |December 31,2018 - 05:43 PM

Abellana Police Precinct of the Cebu City Police Office announced that the Filipino-Belgian 17-year-old girl reported missing on Saturday has returned to her family.

Chief Inspector Eduard Sanchez, the precinct commander, said Paul Cerckel, the Belgian national who filed the missing person report early on Sunday,

December 30, has informed the police at noon today that his daughter, Roxanne, is safe and has returned to the hotel where they are now billeted.

She was not kidnapped and was unharmed, Sanchez said, quoting the father.

The Cerckels – Paul, his Filipino wife and their daughter – are from Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental. The Cerckels were in Cebu for an unspecified trip.

According to Sanchez, Paul told the police that when his daughter went out at 11 p.m. on Saturday, she just forgot to tell him where she was going.

After she went to the hotel, the father was also unable to tell the police about until at noon today that his daughter has since returned.






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Wonder if she gets her impulsiveness from mothers side or fathers?

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8 hours ago, Woolf said:

I assumed when there was a post on her FB page at almost the exact time of the start of this thread, that she was alive and well, and right where she wanted to be.

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