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Christmas tip for hotel staff?


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Jim Sibbick
3 hours ago, jtmwatchbiz said:

colon lifestyle: low end subsistence in an over crowded poverty-stricken area. 

Thankyou . Low end costing I can agree with, So low end i can afford to rent in Palompon Leyte and in Cebu City. But I find your poverty stricken view of the area astonishing!

Cebu Century Hotel is on corner of Colon and Pelaez Streets.

I first stayed there at the beginning of May 1995 with my then fiance, now ex wife as we arranged stuff for our wedding. I used to live there permanently when I was a partner in a tourism business in Cebu City with deceased former forum owner Paul Petrea.  I have otherwise been staying there regularly since 1995. So I have been staying there off and on for 23 years.

Colon is the oldest street in the Philippines. It is named after Christopher Columbus. It runs from Sikatatuna Street for a bit over a kilometre until it becomes C. Padilla

Along Colon, you will find
- Several small malls such as 138 mall and Colonnade Mall. Colonnade mall has a good money changer and is my go to place for SIM cards and load. It is also my go to place for boat and plane tickets. I use Jude ticketing on the second level.
- Multiple supermarkets. There are 4 supermarkets within 100 metres of the hotel. The cheapest supermarket in Cebu City is Colonnade Supermarket on the opposite side of the road to the hotel. It has about 50 checkouts at 4 entrances. It closes at night though. Gaisano has a small supermarket in the Cebu Century hotel complex with 3 standard checkouts and a couple of express checkouts. It's entrance is at the corner of Colon and Pelaez. It is open 24/7. It is slightly more expensive than Colonnade but way cheaper than the 7/11 convenience store across the road.
- A 711 convenience store
- Several large department stores. One being Gaisano Metro. It is 7 storeys high with a large food court on the top level
- Several internet cafés
- Cebu Business Hotel
- Cheap cinemas across the road in Colonnade Mall
- Dentists
- Optometrists
- Doctors
- Attorneys
- Hairdressers and Beauty Parlours
- Numerous pharmacies
- Access to a couple of universities such as University of Visayas and University of Cebu
- Bingo halls
- Chess playing centre
- Computer stores
- Multitude of fast food restaurants such as McDonalds which is 24/7 plus other dining.
- Multiple places for legitimate massage. There are blind masseurs across the road in Colonnade Mall, They charge P250 per hour for a reflexology massage. There are automated massage chairs in the Collonade Mall too. P10 for 3 minutes. Or P200 per hour. I can be happy with a 30 minute sit in an automated massage chair. 
- Stores selling cell phones, cell phone accessories, prepaid cell phone cards
- Stores selling pirate DVD's
- Numerous Banks with ATM machines
- Stalls where you can get your watch fixed or exchange your broken jewellery for cash
- Several money changers.
- Outlets selling ferry and plane tickets
- touts offering ID in 10 minutes
- stalls making rubber stamps
- Taxis going past 24/7 

Near Colon you will find a multitude of historical sights/sights such as
- Heritage of Cebu
- Yap ancestral house
- Casa Gorordo museum
- Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
- Sto Nino Basilica
- Magellan's Cross
- Fort San Pedro

Also located not far away from Colon is the historic Carbon Markets, A multitude of pensionne houses and hotels. A multitude of other shopping, about 5 more universities and colleges, a multitude of other restaurant and dining options and the large E Mall with the Cebu South Bus terminal nearly next to E Mall.

At night on Pelaez Street, opposite the hotel,  food vendors set up along the road, where cars drive in the daytime,  They sell Balut,tempura, fried chicken, rice, noodles, soup, boiled chicken eggs, corn on the cob and more. Pelaez Street ends at Colon. The road from Colon down to the pier is Legaspi Street. On many nights of the year, the road from Colon along Legaspi street, for one block, is closed off and used as an open air market selling clothes, shoes and knick knacks. 

I will walk to and from pier 1. The walk is a bit over 10 minutes.  In fine weather, I will also walk to and from Ayala Mall and to and from SM Mall. It takes me about 35 minutes to walk to either mall.

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One block over from the Century Century Hotel on Osmena Blvd is the GV Tower Hotel where the wife and I have stayed a couple of times.As JS has pointed out already there is plenty to see and do in this area. Keeping trikes off the streets in this part of town I found to be quite refreshing.

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3 hours ago, Jim Sibbick said:

But I find your poverty stricken view of the area astonishing!

I don't want to put words in people's mouths, but I think that you and Fred are talking about two different things. You seem to be talking about businesses where I believe that Fred is talking about the people who live and work in the area. I don't know of anyone who would give a Christmas gift to a business and that wasn't the point of the original post. The original post was about whether to give a Christmas gift to the relatively low paid staff or not.

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Well based on my wife's advice we gave a 10 kilo bag of rice too,,

Security guards x3
Street cleaner x 1

Family groups x 3

Seemed to go down well.

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