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Snow World & Anjo World Theme Park Cebu Minglanilla

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Went there yesterday, before I didn't find much Info online, SnowWorld is open for some month now, but as its not allowed to take pictures inside not many Fotos are available.
Best is the video on Facebook to give you a glimpse BUT the edited falling snowflakes effect make that video look better - there's no snow falling inside in real:

The Theme park soft opened on Sunday last Christmas - and they say 7 of 12 rides are available.

Going there is quite easy, just 30mins from Cebu-City using SouthRoad. Unfortunately there's no Sign outside at the road so best is using Waze and when you're 100m away slow down as the entrance is not easy to spot. Yes they have a huge sign inside then - but not that visible from the road !
Parking is ok, we went there at 12 noon when the park opens and had lots of free spots. Later around 3pm the park definitely filled up and the parking was crowded when we left around 4pm.

Tickets are available for SnowWorld and/or Themepark
450php for the park without SnowWorld - 200php added if you include SnowWorld - on weekends is 100php more.
So we had 650php for both - this includes unlimited rides on the carousels and one could visit snow world many times a day too.

There was a line for snow world entry but it didn't take longer than 10min to get inside. You should wear shoes or boots - but if you forget that you can change your sandals to shoes for free. also the jacket is free - only gloves would have cost money - so I didn't get them. 

When entering you first get into a smaller double door chamber where its already colder. Thats good to acclimate or put the jacket on inside instead of outside where its hot. After some 2-3 minutes they open the inner doors - not without telling you that its not allowed to take Fotos yourself and also better not to touch the sculptures as damaging the will cost 5000php !

First you walk a small way thru dozens of ice sculptures - but they are poorly made from blocks of ice put together. Ok for the Philippines that's state of the art but ....
Also its not allowed to take fotos yourself or touching - for me that part of SnowWorld is therefore quite useless.

After passing the sculptures you can go upstairs to the ice slide or continue to enter the main hall.
But as I expected its quite small and visibly just a regular warehouse that got decorated and the zircons running at maximum. I didn't really see much insulation or cooling pipes. For me it shows that the guys building this have no experience and thus will have a high power bill ... lol
Inside its under zero - and if your gf is small you might better get her gloves !

Theres spots on the walls to take pictures - so there's the photograpers that do this for you and scan your tag and later you can choose which to print.
If you go upstairs better use the first stairs as the stairs in the back of the hall are the exit - so if you go up there many people come down making it narrow.
SIGNS would be helpful but blame that to the still Soft Opening haha

We didn't do the Iceslide as the line was long there and my gf already was freezing. I guess you have to wait 5-10minutes there too before you can slide - its just a slide from ice blocks so nothing really spectacular.

We took some pictures and then were out after about 10 Minutes as gf was freezing - hahaha

Getting the pictures isn't very organized too - because you pass first at the PCs where you get your prints and pay - but to choose which one you print you have to go to the booth outside first - who ever came up with this must be philippine - lol
The prints are 200php each - and to be frank the quality is a shame. They use DSLR with flash inside - but the photographers clearly have no idea of the job and the results for me being semi-pro for 10+ years are crap!
The photos you buy you later can download from the website - sure you first need to register to get them. Size is 1920x1455 but only around 650KB each, so compression for the JPEGs is quite high and even at 100% there's visible artifacts. They can sell that at 200php here but I wouldn't sell those to any customer if I were a professional.

Why they tell its not allowed to take fotos is because of the temperature - yeah that is true - you go from humid +30 to under 0 so humidity sure will build up and can damage your phone. And sure Philippinos will believe that.
But only because they don't think at all - you are not forced to leave your gadgets outside the hall - so they all have their cellphones inside in their bags ! Ha Ha Ha
After getting my fotos I will complain to that foto service and AnjoWorld about the quality - because for that money they should give quality - plus they seem to push into any larger attraction - cebu safari park uses them but there you still can do own fotos.

Now for the theme park, its small and will have just 12 rides and those are more for kids. We did the Viking but they swing you just half way up - not like everywhere in the world do nearly a loop. Its nice swing but not more. We did the bumber cars (London taxi), they have 11 running and its fun as you can bump others and no one complains from staff. Lets see how long they will allow this until they imply rules "only left way round" "no bumping" ... lol
Theres also some small food stores - ice cream is 50php for 3 scoops but it's Everest ice cream brand and I can tell you - DONT eat it - that doesn't taste mango or chocolate at all- hahaha

Overall Conclusion
Go there during the week to save 100php/head on entry.
Visit Snow World once to show your philippine relatives what COLD means. Get some fotos as a rememberance.
For further visits just use the Theme Park as the entrance is just 450php with unlimited rides. They just started construction on a rollercoaster - that one will have no looping but it looks big and thus will be worth a ride when its up and running. So for family with kids it will be an attraction - especially when the malls around will be finished someday. Until then its you to decide.

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