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Stay Or Leave The Philippines? Your Thoughts Please. So Confused!

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 Have not read thro all replys just the first page. Fogive me if i miss or repeat anything. I'm Irish married to a Pinay. We have been living here in Ireland since late 2015. 


If you don't wish to jump through all the hoops required going back to UK you could consider moving to Ireland. As an EU citizen you legally have the right for your family to reside with you anywhere in the EU No financial limits on minimum earnings. Ireland also has common travel with UK and would be very easy to travel between them should you choose. We also have reciprocal arrangements between UK and Ireland in regards to national insurance and other government agencies. Schools are compatible if not slightly better. 3rd level education is still free with grants towards housing. If you can stay out of Dublin city cost of living is not too bad. We have full employment at the moment so getting started in work is not too difficult. 


I think if I was you I'd consider it.

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On 1/7/2019 at 11:12 AM, sunnybanana1913 said:

Most of the   Filipinos that Mved recently to USA  at my workplace in California miss Philippines all the time and wish they could move back. 

that may be a very unusual subset of Filipinos you are talking about.  however my following example may also be the same as neither subset really represents a good cross-section of Filipinos in the USA.   in my experience living in the tri-state area,  most Filipinas and Filipinos do their best to forget where they came from, so much so that they seem to have contempt for other Filipinos they encounter and rarely socialize with them, preferring to spend most of their time with Americans and integrate into the society as much as possible.   

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