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Duterte Mulls Issuing EO For Return Of ROTC

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OK---- is the ROTC program that Duterte is wanting similar to the programs of my youth with pressed uniforms,shined boots,and competing for marksmanship badges ? How does ROTC fit in with the senior year NCAE battery of tests that judged aptitude and suggest a career path?



Duterte mulls issuing EO for return of ROTC

President Rodrigo Duterte said he might be forced to issue an executive order to revive the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program mandatory for Grades 11 and 12 students if Congress does not act on the measure soon.

In his speech during the 35th founding anniversary of the Army Reserve Command in Tanza, Cavite on Tuesday night, Duterte said the return of mandatory ROTC program would promote patriotism among the youth.

“I likewise encourage Congress to enact a law that will require mandatory ROTC for Grades 11 and 12, so we can instill patriotism love of country among our youth,” the President said.

The President said other countries such as Israel, where he had an official visit in September, require civilians to undergo military training.

“We are not the only generation who will be soldiers. Ang mga anak natin, kung ‘di mo gawin, walang alam kung magkaupakan (Our children, if we don’t do this, they will have no skills if a battle ensues),” he said.

The President has been pushing for the revival of ROTC for senior high school students in public and private schools since early last year.

In February 2017, Duterte approved the Department of National Defense’s proposed bill to revive the mandatory ROTC training for senior high school students in both public and private schools. He certified the proposal as urgent and forwarded it to Congress and Senate.

ROTC, the mandatory military training in college, was made optional in 2002 following the controversy that resulted in the death of Mark Chua, a University of Sto. Tomas student. He was allegedly slain by course officers after exposing fund mismanagement.

The military has lamented that the country’s reserve force drastically went down when the National Service Training Program (NSTP) Law was passed in 2001.

ROTC is now one of the three components of the NSTP, along with Civic Welfare Training Service and Literacy Training Service.

At the same military event, Duterte also called for the swift passage of a measure providing job security and other benefits for military reservists in the country.
“Let me take this opportunity to ask Congress to expedite the passage of the Reservist Employment Rights Act,” the President said.

The measure aims to provide proper training and compensation for reservists as well as protect those who suffer any injury or disability during their service.

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