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Strong Local Coffee Beans

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As a long time hot'n'strong'n'black only coffee nut (WTH is a 7-in-1 coffee ? :huh:)  - have always been on the lookout for good fresh-roasted strong local beans - and putting up with old, stale dried-out ones from Rustans and the like.

Tried others from a few coffee shops - none had the strength to match what I used to get in AU from the local roasters.

A few weeks back I found some local beans that blew me away.  From up in the Cordillera Mountains - these Sagada Dark Roast actually had me drop the cup from 2 shots back to 1 :clapping:.   They are oily and can get stuck in the machine's bean hopper - but worth it.

If you like 3-in-1 don't try these.

I got them COD from these guys (via FB at coffeephilippines) but have since found them close to home also.  Their minimum shipment to Cebu was 3KG (6x500g bags) -  they send the week after you order - they roast the week you order. 


I found a place at J Mall a while back - but too far from my place to go regularly - so was happy to see a coffee bean stall at Robinsons Fuente near the eatery - they have them also, slightly higher price - but will try once I get through these 3KG.



Then there's a cold, black, strong brew I found at Rustans this week to try  :good:  


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They grow coffee out here in Tuburan too.  About 2000 hectares under cultivation now.  Not familiar enough with the operation to know how fresh you can buy, and don't drink enough brewed coffee to know the difference (mostly a tea drinker here..  and some Nescafe Classic).

Was quite surprised by how good the brewed coffee was in Sipalay Negros as well..  and found lots of coffee drying on the road side in Candoni. on the way between Sipalay and Ilog.

So you may have other options.  and the exploration can be half the fun.

Lastly..  you might like to stop at 21 km café on Transcentral highway if you ever get up there.  Exactly 21 km from JY Mall.  Great coffee..  great snacks..   and great view. Very civilized spot to have a coffee.  Highly recommended. Pinoy owner and his wife worked in Singapore before returning to open this place.

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