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$17 US Reusable Straw

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4 hours ago, DeedleNuts said:

Ever wonder what percentage of ocean plastic waste originates from drinking straws?

Straws make up about 4 percent of the plastic trash by piece, but far less by weight.



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I would be more concerned about all the plastic bags in the ocean.

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Bags, straws, caps, bottles, cups are all part and parcel of the same problem.

Gotta start somewhere.

Straws and single use cups simplest to address?

Paper - I know rain forest / trees.

Bags also, but not the thin ones we get here.

Paper can be recycled - same as some plastics - if discarded outdoors can be made to eventually decompose - not so easy with plastics.

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The problem of pollution doesn't originate with the materials being thrown away carelessly. It originates with the people who think it's OK to carelessly pollute the environment (regardless of what those materials are). Maybe we should just eliminate the people who are creating the pollution (littering, burning or abandoning), and use the materials that make the most sense for each situation. In this case, it makes sense to use plastic for straws. When the Philippines does something about chemical pollution in its land, air and water, then I might believe that they are actually interested in the environment. They are worried about straws in the litter? Littering is just a symptom of people who don't care about the environment, and treating only the symptoms will never eliminate the real problem.

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