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Pacific Mall Metro food store

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Finally got her an appointment for passport - 10:30 AM  - out around 12:30 - left at 9am there by 9:45 (17 Km)

Given the madhouse atmosphere rather well run - for here

While waiting went to the Metro food store. Sort of behind main store from entrance we went in.

Was impressed with the selections - especially the fish and meat areas.

Almost full width of rear of store - longer than Colonaid.

The International section carries the hot sauce I like, red / green / brown El Yucataca - about twice the US cost but in good supply.

We plan on going back but given the route we have to take (from Escario / Osmena) will plan on weekend after major morning rush and before evening one or leave later on say after 7:30 pm Sunday?


Fresh Strawberries = 426 P 250 g - 1,700 Kg - yep almost $34 USD  - Rustan's - 476 P:tease:



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