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2 hours ago, Headshot said:

Does anybody have any pictures of this grass? Is it the same as what nurseries here sell as frog grass?


This is carabao grass.

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Carabao grass in my garden also known as frog grass. 


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I recall some similar discussions in LinC a few years back.  Not sure if it’s worth a search.  

I included a link after a quick google search "frog grass caribou grass". Lots of interesting discussions, even some you tube items.

If I recall, the frog grass a variation of the caribao grass.  Not to make a big deal of this, but they do have a different appearance.  The caribao grass I have has a longer blade of grass.  Makes for a more "typical" lawn look.  The frog grass I’ve seen is closer to the ground and has a weedy sort of appearance (just an opinion). 

If the stuff is being sold, then it is easy to make a choice between long or short blade.  I got mine from open fields, gratis.  

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