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PAL launches seat sale with flights on offer for just 299 pesos

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PAL launches seat sale with flights on offer for just 299 pesos



As part of a year end seat sale, PAL is offering tickets for domestic flights for as little as 299 pesos and international flights from just $79.

The national carrier’s offer runs from tomorrow (Saturday, November 10) until November 25. It covers domestic flights between January 1 and September 30, and international flights from January 16 to the same date next year.

As we reported earlier this year, Philippines Airlines, or PAL, has now been named by passengers as one of the world’s 50 best airlines.



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Sounds good, 

so I just punched in Davao - Melbourne,  for 3 moths early next year (Feb - May ) $1200 odd US dollars.....    mmmmm  that's not cheap.  since I done the reverse with Cebu ( Melbourne - Davao ), and I returned  3 weeks ago, for just over $600 Aus

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  • Administrator

With these sales you have to be going when and where the deal is. Sometimes it works in your favor...sometimes not!

I plugged in Manila-New York, (JFK), and it was pretty expensive. Changed the date by a month and it was a little less. But...on that page I noticed that if I went 2 days earlier it was only$600 RT

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If you can find the promo for 299 :thats-funny:.....

Normally an airline would tell you the 299 promo...I guess they have some discounted fares to some dest. at some very early or late hours. Remember that is one way, so it could not add up.

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I've given up on Philippine Airlines. They don't usually have competitive prices and last time I flew in to Manila and then checked in go to to Roxas City they told me before security check in to check in my carry on, which is supposed to be allowed because I was flying international into the country. I argued with the guy about it but they tried to act like they don't know the rules. Same thing with the check in window. Ended up costing me an extra 100 dollars. Then while boarding I see all the Filipinos and their bigger than carry on boxes, multiple backpacks, etc. That and the airplane was 2/3 empty so I could have easily carried on 5x what I had (like they did) and nobody would have been bothered. At least Cebu Pacific lets you pay up front for what you want to bring and don't bother you after that.

Here is the real deal. You can fly from just about anywhere on Cebu Pacific to Hong Kong for 60-80 dollars, maybe even less. From here it's about 70 dollars. Philippine Airlines is over 250 for the same. Then you can fly from Hong Kong to NYC or Washington for about 600 dollars. Probably even cheaper to LAX going through Hong Kong. About 5 years ago I flew rt from LAX through HK to Cebu and it cost me under 600 dollars for the entire flight. Same deal going through Singapore to Kalibo, did that once too. Just requires buying a 2nd ticket for cheap and spending some time in those places, which is fine for me just to go shopping.

So rather than wasting time and money being routed through Manila we are going to spend a few days in Hong Kong in January then fly on to DC. And even with the hotel in Hong Kong we will pay less than a ticket from Roxas-Manila-NYC or LAX to Was using Philippine Airlines.

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36 minutes ago, lolhahaha said:

Ended up costing me an extra 100 dollars

Since it was a carry on and the rules for carry ons are pretty universal at an allowance of 7 kg- are you telling us that PAL charged you 5000 pesos to ship 7 kg  from Manila to Roxas ???/  I find that hard to believe .

Now on the other hand , if you tried to sneak an over weight case via carry on and they busted you and insisted that it had to be checked in and paid for then that I would have no trouble believing 

Btw PAL certain does let you pay up front for excess baggage . Just check their website 

I fly Davao -Manila-Vancouver and return 2x a year  every year and have never had them refuse to let my 7 kg or under carry on bag on the plane with me .

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