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Paul Petrea - LinC Founder Dead At 52

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Mr. Mike

Good bye you great "son of the South"...Fair winds and following seas.

Rest in peace Paul.

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I met Paul in 2002 in Cebu Ciyu and we have been close friends since.      He moved to Thailand for awhile for a change of scenery, visited Sihanoukville, Cambodia early 2012 on a visa renewal run and

Paul was cremated in Phnom Penh on December 9.   Chan has his ashs/urn with her at the farm.   I was a witness at the cremation.  

These days I come to this forum infrequently so I've only now learned the sad news of Paul's passing.  The expression "larger than life" would be an apt description of him methinks.  I met him a few t

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Damn I was just chatting w/ him on Skype a week ago, and he figured 6-12 months at that time. I'll miss you buddy. 

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I haven't been active on the forum for a few years (still lurk from time to time), but Paul always seemed to come across as a decent bloke. I was pretty shocked to hear of his passing....very sad. RIP

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I first came in contact with Paul when he ran the Yahoo group before LINC. At that time a friend needed O- blood for operations and to survive. I had posted for help on a number of groups and one admin actualy refused to post saying it was advertizing/spam

Paul publicy hit the roof. He then formed a helpline for those with an emergency.

Something I have never forgotten. RIP Paul 

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RIP Paul, never had the pleasure of meeting him personally but he’s been of great help to me with this forum. Condolences to the family... 

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RIP Paul......this forum helped me a lot in my early years in the PI.

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16 hours ago, mikewright said:

I met Paul once, in Battembang, when hand-delivering the two bottles of Jack Daniels that Paul won from me over a US presidential election bet. 

Damn, he got me on that bet, too!!

Paul was definitely a character.  It seems like he mellowed A LOT since moving to Cambodia and meeting his gal.  Damn, but he loved his farming and his bees.

Best to his loved ones.

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RIP.... Pain Free

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