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Paul Petrea - LinC Founder Dead At 52

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4 minutes ago, HeyMike said:

I believe Paul said on fb that he was closing all his accounts (fb, forum, etc.). He asked not to be contacted by anyone and for people not to visit. He mentioned that if things went well, he would be back and let people know. I am not sure if that changed.

Thank you, Mike.

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I met Paul in 2002 in Cebu Ciyu and we have been close friends since.      He moved to Thailand for awhile for a change of scenery, visited Sihanoukville, Cambodia early 2012 on a visa renewal run and

Paul was cremated in Phnom Penh on December 9.   Chan has his ashs/urn with her at the farm.   I was a witness at the cremation.  

These days I come to this forum infrequently so I've only now learned the sad news of Paul's passing.  The expression "larger than life" would be an apt description of him methinks.  I met him a few t

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Based on information received through Chan, partner of Paul ....... Paul passed away at around 8 PM last night, Nov 7, 2018.

May he RIP

American, Woody Paul Petrea, Dies in Battambang

November 8, 2018  battambang, foreigner death

Battambang: 52-year-old WOODY PAUL PETREA ,  an American citizen died after suffering from a serious illness at 8 pm on November 7 at his wife’s home in Snung commune, Banan district, Battambang.

Police said the American had a wife, Kem Chanthoeun, 38, who lives in the village above. According to the family’s initial information, the foreigner suffered from severe cancer and suffered intensely and had been in a coma since 6 November.

On the morning of November 8, the provincial and municipal visited the site to check and examine the victim’s body.



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There is now another topic about Paul's passing, so I will close this topic unless someone has a good reason to keep it open. Two topics concerning the same thing can be confusing.

The other topic is "Paul Petrea - LinC Founder Dead At 52".


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Rest in peace Paul.

And thank you for all the memories and help. LinC will always mean Paul Petrea to me. 

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Paul, may you find peace on the path that you must follow.  I never did ask him why he moved to Cambodia after so many years building a successful forum?  Does anyone closer to him know?

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