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Passengers to face AI lie detector tests at EU airports

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Passengers to face AI lie detector tests at EU airports



Passengers at some European airports will soon be questioned by artificial intelligence-powered lie detectors at border checkpoints, as a European Union trial of the technology is set to begin.

Fliers will be asked a series of travel-related questions by a virtual border guard avatar, and artificial intelligence will monitor their faces to assess whether they are lying.

The avatar will become "more skeptical" and change its tone of voice if it believes a person has lied, before referring suspect passengers to a human guard and allowing those believed to be honest to pass through, said Keeley Crockett of Manchester Metropolitan University in England, who was involved in the project.

The €4.5 million ($5.1 million) project, called iBorderCtrl, will be tested this month at airports in Hungary, Latvia and Greece on passengers traveling from outside the EU, with the aim of reducing congestion.

"It will ask the person to confirm their name, age and date of birth, (and) it will ask them things like what the purpose of their trip is and who is funding the trip," said Crockett.

But the technology has been tested in its current form on only 32 people, and scientists behind the project are hoping to achieve an 85% success rate.



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It's been tested on 32 people so let's fork out $5M.  Hahahaha 

I've taken lie detector tests. One was an intense one for gov't security access. The tester said I passed and that I don't lie very well which is good.  I asked him if he'd run across good liars and he said middle easterners are hard to detect because lying is part of their culture so there isn't the stigma or guilt associated. 

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4 minutes ago, SkyMan said:

One was an intense one for gov't security access.

I bet it had nothing on my mother's methods !!! :P

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