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Washer/Dryer from abroad... BAD Purchase!


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2 minutes ago, SkyMan said:

Normally yes, but doesn't the single point also shut off when there isn't any flow?

I do not know what will happen to a  single point heater when there is back pressure

I just know that the different types are sold and that the multi points  generally are more expensive 

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I bought a Samsung 6kg frontload washing machine from Imperial Appliance in Mandaue for p26k. Never looked back. We average 3 to 4 loads every day. Almost 2 years old now. The whites are still presoa

Sort of kidding about moving or selling the unit to someone in the VECO area.  That's a tough one.  Perhaps you should talk with your company.  Offhand maybe using a voltage divider would work. 

Sell the unit or rewire the supply we used a guy named romy who remodled our house its all in the plug pm me if you want his phone


I had the same problem with a maytage washer from usa burned circuit board which cost me 200 us to replce broke again in 8 months i was told by power surge its more fun in the philippines

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