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Is Tricare available in Cebu? Or must a disabled US vet travel to Manila or Clark? 

Asking for a friend who is thinking of retiring in Cebu.

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Yes there are hospitals and doctors that are approved in Cebu.  Your friend must check the list provided by Tricare for overseas providers on the Philippine demonstration list.  No hospitals or doctors file claims for you here in Cebu so you must file your own claims after you've paid the bill.  Also, doctors fees are not paid at all unless you get a description of the service they provided with CPT insurance codes (used by US insurance companies for description of medical care provided).  My wife and I have each been hospitalized here twice since moving here and have yet to find a doctor that will provide the information needed for you to get reimbursed.  I have been told by someone else who uses Tricare here that he always prepares a letter from the doctor with the description of care he got along with looking up the CPT codes himself then having the doctor sign the letter and he says he's always been paid Tricare's portion of coverage.  I have never done this and so have never been paid for any doctor care since I've lived here but have always been paid for things covered under hospitalization and diagnostic services.

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Also, if he is a service connected vet, he can use the Foreign Medical Program for service  related problems, same filing and reimbursement as tricare. He can also be treated in Manila, with local hospitals that have an agreement with the VA, and he will not have to pay up front.

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Has anyone used Tricare at either Makati Medical Center or The Medical City Hospital in Iloilo?

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