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Business For Expat To Start?


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8 minutes ago, yingy52 said:

I'll start doing that after Elite and above members are treated the same as I am. I just don't understand that because I'm new I ge throttled. But I will go with the flow until I reach the required number of posts' to have a say.

 The amount of posts you have has got nothing to do with it ...it's the content within those posts that matters , you may want to take that onboard while forging forward to save any disappointment when you get to wherever it is your heading to.

This particular area is in the open forums where cordial participation is required and things are kept relatively on track , comments out of left field like your previous one throw things off track , like where we are now, and like I said earlier are just not necessary , jabs and digs at the staff ..or interference in the moderation is not going to be well received here. I hope we are done for now....

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Hi Folks, As my ebike interest was for private use and a little bit off topic I'm going to thank all members for thet input which i might add was well received and clarified a lot......

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