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Sometimes A Very Pleasant Surprise

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Long slow drive.. with many stops and explorations..  over Trans Central yesterday from Tuburan to SM City and back with my good Swiss friend who needed a rest day.  Look what we found.  Fresh Cebu grown strawberries.  Who would have guessed it.  I always thought strawberries grew ONLY in the Baguio area.. 

Not cheap at 180 peso for a small container with maybe 8 strawberries, but definitely the real thing, and fresh and undamaged and not over ripe.  Served with vanilla ice cream the family had a treat last night. 


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They said they were grown right there by the big I love strawberries sign clearly visible from the road.  But I suppose they might have travelled further.  But fresh enough that they couldn't have travelled too far,

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Kabisay-an gid

LOOK: Strawberry Farm in Cebu Now a Tourist Spot

A strawberry farm has become a new tourist destination in southern Cebu.

Located in the mountainous barangay of Maloray in the town of Dalaguete, the 1.5-hectare farm has over 6,000 strawberry plants planted inside green houses.

It was in 2014 when the Rebalde family started to plant strawberries. At first, it was just a test to see if strawberries could grow in their area until the plants bore fruits.

They opened the farm to the public last January and with a P50 entrance fee, visitors can enjoy taking photos and picking strawberries.

The farm also sells fresh-picked strawberries for P800 per kilo and strawberry jam for P150 per bottle.

The strawberry farm is open every Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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There is a small village up on top of Mt. Manunggal (near the divide between Cebu City and Balamban) where they grow strawberries. The area is covered by clouds about 90% of the time (as in the clouds are on the ground), so it is effectively a cloud forest and much cooler than anyplace else on the island.

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Plenty of strawberries in this area. However, they are of a large variety and not nearly as sweet and wonderful as those that I grew up on. 

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