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PAL Warns The Public On Buy And Sell Scams

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Never heard of this scam before---note the fake id that goes along with the cheap ticket.


PAL warns the public on Buy and Sell Scams



Manila, Philippines – Philippine Airlines is warning the public against buying “cheap” airline tickets being sold by scam artists on social media sites – such as Facebook.

The scam’s modus operandi involves bulk-buying of tickets that are then sold at low rates via social media sites. Individuals who are enticed to purchase these tickets are eventually informed that the tickets are in the name of fictitious people; the buyers are then offered fake IDs for presentation at airport check-in.

According to PAL express head of security Rear Admiral Jorge Amba, the number of passengers caught using fake IDs increased over the past months.

As of October 5, 2018, there were 68 apprehensions in different airports around the country, with a particular concentration in Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato, Bacolod and Clark.

“Since the tickets were bought online in bulk under different (fake) names, passengers who bought cheap round-trip tickets were also supplied with fake IDs by the sellers”, said Rear Admiral Amba. “Our airport front liners are trained to distinguish counterfeit IDs. So if you presented a fake ID, you will surely miss your flight and will have tons of problems”, he added.



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