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Use of FedEx from Ormoc City, cautionary info

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On 10/5/2018 at 8:39 AM, RogerDat said:

All Phil Post offices are not the same, just like US.

I would be willing to bet YOUR paycheck that the US postal service VS Philpost in a comparison survey would win 100% of the time. Unless corruption is non-existent in Philpost. If it is non-existent than it would be the first Phil government agency to be able to claim it.  

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I decided to send a document via FedEx to the USA last week.  On Thursday, I dropped off the document at the Ormoc City shipper.  FedEx has opted to use 2Go as their in country shipper.  Fair enough,

we have used fedex in cebu constantly over the years for shipping valuables and so far so good but i can't say we aren't anxious until we are told the package was received.  for in-country shipping we

Thanks, but I would not recommend FedEx in Cebu for in or outbound (through Manila no problems). You can certainly be lucky, but better not take any chance.

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The parcel arrived in Texas exactly one week after being handed to 2Go. If there had not been delays by 2Go, it would likely have arrived two or three days earlier. 


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